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    I think a lot about how people will look like 500 years from now. How different they’d look, the rise of new ethnicities and the extinction of others, height, lifestyles, technology; infinite predictions to a time so different to us. It would also be interesting to be able to visit all the peoples who lived… Continue reading 5
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    I am always amazed at the sheer convenience of having your thoughts recorded in some sort of sub-eternal virtual platform. The fact that, in another two thousand years when (and probably if) our descendants uncover historical records dating back to our time, with a small possibility of having our own individual platforms uncovered. When I… Continue reading 4
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    What stops us from being humble? Why can’t we stay grounded after winning a sports match or upon receiving recognition at work? We very rarely find someone who moves on with their day casually after hearing any sort of ego-boosting news. There’s always celebrations involved, and oftentimes pretty generous offerings. While that’s the more positive… Continue reading 3
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    Disappointments are everywhere. We get disappointed over major life events, or small everyday inconveniences. That’s easy. It makes a lot of sense to be disappointed in things or people. Being disappointed in many cases means that we had our hopes up that a specific favorable event was to occur, and then, contrary to our expectations,… Continue reading 2
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    As this is my first personal blog over here I would like to introduce this blog to any potential readers who may be interested in this blog (or maybe not). In any case, I set up this blog as a way to record my thoughts periodically (or whenever I decide to get on here) so… Continue reading 1